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EVOLVE 24-12

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  • EVOLVE 24-12
  • 24 tháng
  • Artcoustic
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Thông số kỹ thuật Tùy chọn (Option)
    • Dải tần hoạt động: 75 Hz (-3dB) to 40 kHz
    • Độ nhạy: 107dB
    • Đỉnh SPL TB: 130dB
    • Công suất tối đa: 720W
    • Trở kháng: 5 Ohms
    • Trọng lượng: 17 kg
    • Kích thước: Cao: 1048 Rộng: 270 Dài: 72/85mm

The mid to high level configuration of our high sound pressure level and modular SL array. Perfect for serious audio systems and home cinemas, delivering higher dynamics and output than the 6-3 version.

The SL Series has been subjected to several years of intensive testing and fine-tuning to deliver a truly unique and groundbreaking loudspeaker range.

The challenge was to create a loudspeaker capable of the dynamics and power of a horn-loaded design, but with the accuracy and quality of a Hi-Fi design.

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